Chord SignatureX Tuned ARAY XLR 1.5M

Chord SignatureX Tuned ARAY XLR 1.5M


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SignatureX Tuned ARAY Analogue XLR

Chord Company SignatureX Tuned ARAY is hand built in the UK and has been part of the range since 1998. Performance is consistently high, thanks to the constantly evolving design, always taking advantage of the latest technological improvements to keep it at the cutting edge. Previous upgrades have included enhanced shielding, various ARAY conductor configurations and ChorAlloy™ plated connectors.

Thanks to advances in insulation materials the latest incarnation has been transformed by XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene), an insulator already delivering outstanding results and widespread critical acclaim for SignatureXL speaker and SignatureX power cables.

In many balanced XLR cables the two signal wires are used to carry the hot (in phase) and the cold (out of phase) signals while the earth/return connection is made with the shield.

We think there’s a better way, so we add a third identical conductor to carry the earth/return signal. It takes the shield out of the circuit and by doing so we can seriously reduce unwanted interference. All of our analogue XLR cables are built this way.

By using separate shielding on all three conductors and the Tuned ARAY conductor geometry, we have been able to produce a neutral and musically transparent XLR cable.

If you have both RCA and XLR connections in your system and haven’t made up your mind which you prefer, consider trying both the SignatureX Tuned ARAY XLR and RCA cables and compare the sound. Your usual Chord Company retailer should have demo cables available.

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