Absolute Sound x The Chord Company Event

On January 20th, the Linn Showroom at The Adelphi Mall was abuzz with the resonant sounds of high-fidelity audio, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Absolute Sound Singapore and The Chord Company. The event featured a presentation by Patrick Mitchell, The Chord Company’s Export Sales Manager, who shared insights into the world of premium audio cabling.

Mitchell’s presentation covered the diverse range of Chord Cables, emphasizing the detailed craftsmanship that goes into each product. Attendees were treated to a hands-on demonstration, witnessing the auditory difference made by switching between various cables, including the PowerHaus series of mains distribution blocks and the PowerAray noise reduction devices. The setup featured a Linn Klimax system paired with Stenheim speakers, ensuring a high-quality listening experience.

The day concluded with an exciting lucky draw. The first-place winner took home an English Electric EE1 with a Chord C-Stream Cable, while the second-place prize was a Chord Shawline X Interconnect, and the third-place prize, a Chord ClearwayX interconnect. This added an element of thrill and surprise, leaving attendees with not just knowledge but also a chance to experience Chord Company’s excellence in their own setups.

Through this event, Absolute Sound Singapore reinforced its commitment to providing the best in audio technology, showcasing how the right components can transform the listening experience.