SME Series V-12 Tonearm

SME Series V-12 Tonearm


Condition: 8/10 Excellent Condition

With Original Box.

An Oustanding and iconic tonearm not to be missed.

Description: It is of relevance that here is a product from a long established company with a serious reputation for service and back-up. Buying a wonder arm from some guy with a fabulous design and a lathe in his garage does have it’s attractions, but then so does buying something that you know will be supported with servicing, repairs and updates (often third-party) decades into the future. Personally both options draw me, but the SME will always be a safe buy. This is reflected by the fact that 40 year-old SME arms are still fetching more than they cost new – that may make this review worryingly like some consumer report, but it would be being economical with the truth not to point out the situation.



Desmond: +6581218217

Fred +6594241721

Location: Absolute Sound Singapore

190, Clemenceau Avenue, 04-24, S239924

1 All items have been cleaned tested to ensure they are operating well before being listed.
2 There is no Warranty for pre-owned items.
3 Potential buyer must test and verify the equipment condition at our stated audition locations.
4 Mode of payment is either through Paynow or Cash only.
5 All transport charges will be borne by the buyer.

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