SME 30/12 Turntable with SME series V12 tonearm

SME 30/12 Turntable with SME series V12 tonearm


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Condition: 9/10 Near Mint Condition

Only a few months old. No original box.

Description: Where the SME shined brightest was in the mid-band through to the lower treble, handling voice exactly as you’d expect of a player designed by an opera fanatic. My nastiest test, the sibilance-heavy ‘Keep On Tryin” by Poco, sounded about as good as it’s gonna get. I mentioned before the way with spatial concerns, so the five vocalists and the lone acoustic guitar enjoyed clearly defined spaces; the removal of much of the spittiness on ‘t’s and ‘s’s came as blessed relief. (Why is it that the best pop performances are rarely well-recorded, while the most tedious enjoy studio treatment beyond compare?)

The comprehensive retrieval of details meant that such suggestions of reality as the sounds of breathing and clothes a’rustlin’ were there for all to hear. Again, you may judge the presence of such details as ‘hyper-reality’, but I dare you to defend a system with even ‘beneficial’ losses; I know, having defended the euphonic over the accurate and taken much stick for it. Whatever, the SME leaves little to the imagination, which is what every hi-fi product should do. After all, we’re listening to a complete aural experience; you shouldn’t have to fill in any missing sounds.


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