dCS Rossini Dac Black

dCS Rossini Dac Black

Condition: Excellent

Summary: The bottom line for many enthusiasts is performance. The dCS Rossini offers high performance, in addition to build quality, that’s as good or better than anything I’ve heard in my system in recent memory. Whether one listens to folk, rock, vocal, jazz, or classical the Rossini is completely capable absolutely stellar music



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Location: 190 Singapore Shopping Center

#04-24 S239934.


Desmond +65 8121 8217




1 All items have been cleaned tested to ensure they are operating well before being listed.

2 There is no Warranty for pre-owned items.

3 Potential buyer must test and verify the equipment condition at our stated audition locations.

4 Mode of payment is either through Paynow or by cash.

5 All transport charges will be borne by the buyer


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