Audioquest Pegasus Analog Interconnect 1.5M RCA Pair

Audioquest Pegasus Analog Interconnect 1.5M RCA Pair


Condition: 9/10 In Near Mint Condition.

Only a few month old.

Comes with original box.


AudioQuest Pegasus interconnects. Cleverly designed strands with solid RCA or XLR connectors that have solidified my belief in the potential of well-made hi-fi.

Shipping boxes that are simple in design, yet effective at protecting the cables from mechanical stress hide an offering for the connaisseur listener who has a carefully assembled stereo chain or sophisticated surround system at home, but misses that last bit of satisfaction with his rather costly electronics. To put it more simply: AudioQuest’s Pegasus can be the icing on the cake for top-class systems that need a little “tuning” in the wiring. The Pegasus cables definitely aren’t going to show what they can do on the inexpensive compact system from the electronics retailer. For those whose chains already advance into six-figure price ranges, on the other hand, very different, sometimes quite exotic wires are likely to curl between equally unusual components.

But to all those who have something “in between” for listening to music, for whom the motto for the home stereo system is “Not cheap, but not super-expensive either,” I can whole-heartedly recommend to give the AudioQuest cable a go



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