AudioQuest Dragon RCA 1.5M

AudioQuest Dragon RCA 1.5M


Condition: Excellent Condition.

Comes with original box.

Only few months old.

Normal retail SGD $16,500.

Description: Dragon is the top model in the three-product Mythical Creatures series. It is priced at $9500 for a meter pair terminated with RCA plugs, or $11,900 for balanced connection with XLR connectors. FireBird is $5500/$6900-per-meter pair (RCA/XLR), and ThunderBird comes in at $2900/$3900 (RCA/XLR). All three share the same design approach but differ in the level of execution. As a tremendous bonus, the interconnects are extremely flexible and easy to install and swap.

Dragon’s density of texture was also apparent in the bass—warm, rich, and full without being plummy or thick. Textural resolution in the bottom end was superb; there was simply more detail resolved in the timbres of acoustic and electric bass, left-hand piano lines, bass clarinet, contrabassoon, and low brass, for examples

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1 All items have been cleaned tested to ensure they are operating well before being listed.
2 There is no Warranty for pre-owned items.
3 Potential buyer must test and verify the equipment condition at our stated audition locations.
4 Mode of payment is either through Paynow or Cash only.
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