Pass Lab XS Preamp

Pass Lab XS Preamp


Condition: 8/10 Excellent Condition

About 4 years old

No original box.

Description: As might be expected from Pass Labs’ history, the component meet their goal. At the risk of eliminating any suspense from this review, its the  best-sounding examples of a preamp. The kind of gear most audiophiles dream about—which only the truly lucky can afford—and that redefine the perceptions of reviewers during the all-too-brief time they pass through their systems.



Desmond: +6581218217

Fred +6594241721

Location: Absolute Sound Singapore

190 Clemenceau Avenue 04-24, S239924

1 All items have been cleaned tested to ensure they are operating well before being listed.
2 There is no Warranty for pre-owned items.
3 Potential buyer must test and verify the equipment condition at our stated audition locations.
4 Mode of payment is either through Paynow or Cash only.
5 All transport charges will be borne by the buyer.

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