Teac UD-701N Black

Teac UD-701N Black


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With USB DAC functions as the foundation, a network player, an analog preamp, a headphone amplifier and various other functions have been combined at a high level. This TEAC flagship with a newly-developed TEAC ΔΣ (Delta Sigma) discrete DAC has achieved a new level.

As a USB DAC and network player, 22.5MHz DSD and 384kHz/32-bit PCM are supported. Using the newly-developed TEAC ΔΣ discrete DAC, all digital signals are converted to analog signals with high audio quality.

Not only can this be used for all kinds of digital playback, from systems centered on a PC or Mac to audio server systems using NAS and streaming playback, it can also fulfill a core role in systems as a preamp with analog and digital inputs. The UD-701N is an all-around unit that flexibly supports new listening styles in a new age. Along with allowing listening through speakers in combination with a power amplifier, it also supports balanced headphone output using a 4-pin XLR jack.

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