Audioquest Dragonfly Red USB DAC

Audioquest Dragonfly Red USB DAC


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Enclosure And Accessories
Red automotive finish with gold lettering | Protective endcap |
Leatherette travel pouch

Native Resolution
Up to 24-bit / 96kHz

2.1 volts
Direct-coupled, high output: Enough power to easily drive the
widest range of headphones. When used as a line-level device
(volume set to 100%), DF Red’s 2.1 volts provide enough power to
drive all preamplifier, integrated amplifier, or receiver inputs.

Headphone Amp
ESS Sabre 9601

Microchip PIC32MX270
Extremely low power consumption with 32-bit architecture and the
option for software upgradability (via AudioQuest’s free Desktop
Device Manager).

DAC Chip
ESS ES9016
with minimum-phase fast roll-off filter

Volume Control Type
64-Bit Bit-Perfect Digital Volume Control

Desktop/PC Compatibility
Apple OS 10.6.8 and later | Microsoft Windows 7 and later | Linux (no technical support provided)

Mobile Device Compatibility
Apple iOS 5 and later (requires Apple Camera Adapter; Lightning to USB 3 recommended) | Android 5.0 and later (requires micro-USB DragonTail, USB-C DragonTail, or
other USB adaptor for Android devices)

MQA Rendering

Upgradable Firmware

Monoclock Technology

12mm (h) x 19mm (w) x 62mm (l)

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