Chord Burndy Cable 1.23M Type 3

Chord Burndy Cable 1.23M Type 3


Chord Company Burndy cables

A clear upgrade path for anyone with Burndy-equipped devices, Chord Company Burndy cables are available in custom lengths and a wide variety of configurations. Designed to connect all compatible Naim Audio products, including the latest 12-way and 23-way (Type 3 and Type 4) equipped models.

Every cable is hand built to order using multi-stranded silver-plated OFC conductors with Taylon® (BurndyT) or XLPE (BurndyX) insulation, complemented by high-density, silver-plated braid and foil combination HF shielding. These complex and delicate umbilical links are teminated with our unique, crimped Choralloy™ plated connector pins.

Chord Company Burndy cables come in at different price levels depending on their complexity, the number of wires needed and material specification.

The cable development process was a fascinating journey, with each version tested via a selection of Naim Audio equipment in our listening room.

Contact your usual Chord Company retailer and arrange a demonstration (or home trial if avail) and find out what these cables can do for your music.

BurndyT employs our flagship Taylon® insulation is identified by the white outer jacket.

BurndyX maintains an exceptional performance level but with a more accessible price point.

Our original ChordBurndy cables are available in pairs for use with Naim 300/500 models.

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