Absolute Sound x Linn: LP12 Klinnik

Elevating Vinyl Excellence: Linn LP12 KlinNik Event at Absolute Sound

In the cozy confines of The Adelphi, Absolute Sound orchestrated an audiophile’s dream: the “LP12 Klinnik.” This exclusive event, a homage to the revered Linn Sondek LP12 turntable, showcased our commitment to delivering sonic perfection.

When Expertise Harmonizes with Craft

Gordon Inch, the esteemed turntable virtuoso from Linn, graced us with his presence, offering a symphony of precision servicing and bespoke advice. Seven privileged patrons stepped into the spotlight for a session with the maestro himself, ensuring their turntables hit every note perfectly.

The Timeless Tune of the LP12

The Linn Sondek LP12’s legacy is as enduring as vinyl itself, and this event was a tribute to the timeless joy it brings. It’s an experience that spins beyond mere mechanics into the very essence of musical enjoyment.


The LP12 Klinnik was a note-perfect representation of Absolute Sound’s dedication to auditory excellence. It wasn’t just about the turntables; it was about tuning into the heart of the music lover’s journey.