Celebrating a Milestone in Sound: Linn's 50th Anniversary at Absolute Sound

An Evening Where Heritage Meets Tomorrow

At the Adelphi, a location synonymous with auditory excellence, Absolute Sound was delighted to host an extraordinary celebration. It was an event that not only reflected on Linn’s storied past but also ushered in its next innovative chapter.

Unveiling the Sondek LP12-50: A Collaboration of Legends

The centrepiece of our gathering was the unveiling of the 50th Anniversary Linn LP12-50 turntable. This gem is the result of a harmonious collaboration between Linn and the esteemed designer Sir Jony Ive and his design studio LoveFrom,”

It’s a turntable that elegantly weaves together the threads of Linn’s rich heritage with a bold, contemporary design ethos.

An Auditory Journey Led by Linn's Finest

Gilad Tiefenbrun, the CEO of Linn, alongside Steve Croft, the Export Sales Manager, masterfully demonstrated the LP12-50. The setup included the pinnacle of Linn’s engineering – the Klimax system and the majestic Linn 360 flagship loudspeakers. Vinyl records were given new life, and streaming music through the Klimax system showcased the transcendent capabilities of the Linn 360 loudspeakers.

A Tapestry of Sound

The Absolute Sound showroom was transformed into a concert hall, enveloping every guest in a tapestry of sound that was both rich and precise. It was a clear demonstration of Linn’s relentless pursuit of creating the purest, most authentic sound possible.

Reflecting on Five Decades of Acoustic Innovation

Our event was more than a celebration; it was a reflection on five decades of acoustic innovation that has defined Linn’s unwavering commitment to sound integrity. It was a fitting tribute to the artistry and innovation that have been the hallmark of Linn’s journey.

Join Us in the Ongoing Symphony

As we closed the evening, the Absolute Sound x Linn 50th Anniversary Event left us not just reminiscing about the past but excited for the future of sound. We extend a heartfelt invitation to all who cherish music to join us in this ongoing symphony, where each note is a story and each listening experience is a discovery.