Discover Superior Sound THROUGH AUDIOQUEST

Experience excellence with Audioquest, a renowned American company dedicated to delivering exceptional performance and value. We create and offer top-notch audio and video products, with a special focus on audio cables.

Our product lineup features a wide range of analog and digital cables, including HDMI cables, power-conditioning solutions, portable DACs (Digital To Analog Converters), and various audio/video accessories.

Each product is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, reflecting our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our guiding principle, “Do No Harm,” underscores our dedication to optimizing the audio signal.

Whether you seek crystal-clear audio, seamless digital connections, or enhanced video transmission, AudioQuest’s innovative offerings guarantee peerless performance and unwavering reliability.

Explore our extensive product range and elevate your audio and visual experiences to new heights.

We are thrilled to announce that Absolute Sound Singapore has been chosen as the exclusive distributor of AudioQuest in Singapore and Malaysia

Experience the Difference

What sets AudioQuest apart? We’re not just about audio – we’re about crafting an extraordinary audio experience. We achieve this by employing premium materials and meticulously crafting our cables. We leave no detail unattended, meticulously selecting the finest conductors, cutting-edge insulation, and precise connectors.

With a profound understanding of how each component collaborates to transmit the audio signal flawlessly, we take it a step further. We employ special solid-core conductors and innovative cable designs to maintain the purest and clearest audio. Prepare to be astounded by the immersive, intricate sound that breathes life into your music.

Embrace the extraordinary as you uncover the transformative power of high-quality materials and thoughtfully engineered cables that define AudioQuest.